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How to tag
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Ulubieniec z SJ: Yesung, ZhouMi, Ryeo
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Kocham SuJu od: nie pami?tam dnia, kiedy ich nie kocha?am.
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Wysłany: 2012-06-16, 20:25   How to tag

Because of the changes there were introduced new designations on the forum, which now will be apply and for failure them will be prizes in style of reminders and warnings.

Before you add a new topic, please introduce with refer to the system of designations.

1. Firstly, write the date in bracket, necessarily in Polish format.
Example: [13.05.2012]
2. After the date we add designation, which aims to define, what information is in the newly created topic. List of designations below.
Example: [13.05.2012/PIC]
3. Next we add what event we are talking about and after the dash we determine with which member of Super Junior it is related (only for photos, blogs, twitters, cyworlds).
Example: [13.05.2012/PIC] Concert in Poland - Sungmin


1. INFO - when we add news, new messages related with Super Junior.
2. PIC - for every topic with photos, in the gallery we are using this designation.
3. NEWS - we add this to articles, that are translated into Polish.
4. LYRIC - when we translate a song into Polish, after the title we insert "PL".
Example - [LYRIC] Sungmin - Baby, baby PL
5. SPR - we mean that all of the reports.
6. TRANS - radio or other transcripts.
7. TWITTER - translations of tweets.
8. M2D - translations of Me2Day.
9. CW - translations of cyworld.
10. WYWIAD - we add it to translations of interviews.
11. BLOG - translations of blogs.
12. [nazwa albumu/LYRICS] - when you add original lyrics of the song.
13. DL - we add it to all the things, which can be downloaded from the forum (located in a hidden section visible only for ELF group).
14. SHOW - when you translate a program and let others download it, then you add this designation.
15. TELEDYSK - video translated into Polish and available for download.
16. DRAMA - dramas translated into Polish and available for download.
17. ALBUM-DL - designation for albums of other performers on the forum, which can be downloaded.
18. MV-DL - designation for the music videos of other groups, which can be downloaded.
19. LIVE-DL - for performances of other performers.

Look around the sections, look how are laid different topics and model on them.

Polish to English translation by Meira @superjunior.pl
Correction by Naoni @superjunior.pl
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